How to join us

You made it… or not

You have been to an interview or Assessment Center, and maybe even a second interview to discuss details of the job and your contract. Now you are waiting for the final decision.

If we want to offer you the job, you will normally be informed personally - generally by a phone call from your new line manager. You can normally have a few days to consider whether to take up the offer. However, you should not wait too long because we need to start our preparations and inform the other candidates. At this point, it is also important for us to clarify your exact starting date.

Oh no, a letter of reject – what now?

Although there is hardly anyone who has never received a rejection letter, they are always disappointing. After all, job applications are associated with hope and anticipation.

Please remember that a rejection letter is not a rejection of you as a person. It merely means that there was another candidate whose personal profile was a better fit for a specific job at a specific time. Sometimes, there is a very fine line that makes the difference.

If you receive a rejection letter after an interview, you can naturally ask the interviewer for feedback and comments that might be of use in future applications. Given the wide variety of vacancies, maybe your profile will fit a different position at Bayer in the near future. Experience shows that the second or third application is often successful. Maybe the interviewer might even think of you the next time there is a vacancy. In any case, we would be pleased to receive a new application from you.